Feb 202126Fri

First Taste of Bure Gold

6.2℃ tasting

Since the Fermzilla defrosted following its accidental brush with permafrost a few days ago I’ve been gradually creeping the fridge’s temperature dial down again, and it’s been on maximum cooling for two days now. The dial on the spunding valve has been reading 5 PSI for a couple of days which should give me 2.0 vols at 2.0 ℃, so I was a bit surprised to find almost no carbonation when I poured a glass straight from the FV just now. I upped the pressure to 10 PSI prior to serving and got a perfect amount of foam, but there’s no real fizz in the glass, which is a shame.

On a positive note, the colour is amazing and once it’s in a pint glass it looks much clearer than it does in the Fermzilla. There’s a good aroma of hops but the taste isn’t as hoppy as the nose leads you to expect. I’m tempted to dry-hop a bag of Citra for a couple of days, but then again since this will be my first kegged brew I’m going to stick with the original plan.

Speaking of which, it doesn’t seem to be clearing up any more than it has a couple of days ago, so I’m going to keg it ASAP. The hold-up until now has been the fact that I need to deep-clean and then passivate all my new stainless toys, including the B40Pro that arrived a few days ago, and I want to do that in one session with as much re-use of chemicals as possible in order to save costs. This brew will be just fine in the chilled FV for a couple more days … if I don’t drink it first.