Jun 202204Sat

Just poured myself a pint of this and it’s very nice indeed. Lovely light colour, very easy drinking taste, good aroma of hops. In fact it’s so light that I probably ran more beer through the freshly sanitised lines than necessary, because I thought it must still be mixed with StarSan.

Carbonation could perhaps be very slightly higher, but it’s by no means insufficient for enjoyment. I think I was erring on the side of caution following the Hornindal Foam Party caused by 15 PSI, and in this case 12 days Primary at 10 PSI followed by 5 days at 10 PSI / 4℃ seems like a very good reset; it’s got plenty of mouth-feel, pours easily, and head retention from manually induced foam at the end of pour is very good too. Cheers!

First taste of Jubilee Clip