Mar 202127Sat

Fermenting Well


There were some irregular pops from the airlock an hour after pitching yeast, and by next morning it was popping once every couple of seconds. This is a good sign as I was beginning to wonder if half a packet of yeast was enough at this batch size, but I’d aerated well and if one whole packet is OK at 20 litres then we should be fine here with 5 grams.

The Mini Bucket has been sitting on the window sill where it’s 17 – 18 ℃ during the day and 16 ℃ overnight. The variation isn’t great, I’d much rather have a constant temperature, but until I get a brew fridge set up I’ll just have to make do with this. On the positive side I know that the bucket is a fairly solid lump and any changes in room temperature will take their sweet time to come into effect.

At any rate the temperature inside will be a couple of degrees warmer than the outside if this is anything like the fermentation undergone by Golden Wave, which has been all over the place despite a fairly constant room temperature. Early this morning I noticed some condensation in the inside of the airlock which backs up my theory that it’s warmer inside than out.