Dec 202001Tue

First Taste of Evil Dog!


Very premature but I couldn’t wait, so I cracked open one of the two “half bottles” on the pretext that there was too much air in there and it’d be a shame to lose them to oxidation. Greeted by a satisfying schnick on opening, there were slight signs of carbonation at first which then built to a steady stream of small bubbles, keeping a respectable head (for an IPA) the whole time it was in the glass.

Taste was OK; a well rounded mouthfeel somewhat on the sugary, slightly bitter side, but that would have worked well if I’d added those finishing hops much later. Letting this settle for a while when I move it to the garage in 4 days time also won’t hurt. Might have to try that other half bottle before the official tasting … just to be sure. ?