Feb 202107Sun

Early taste of Pink Grapefruit IPA


Sneaked a quick 500 ml bottle tonight before moving onto the cider, and although it’s not quite clear yet (only been conditioning for 8 days) it’s really not too bad. There was a small amount of residue in the neck but no off-flavours, good amount of citrus notes thanks to the prevailing grapefruit taste. Carbonation seemed OK; not a gusher but quite fizzy on pouring, in-glass bubbles accentuating the citrus and mouth-feel. Looking good so far!

Edit: I just checked the bottling notes, and as my sample just now had a red crown cap that means it received 2 carbonation drops, which is the recommended amount for this size. The yellow crown caps had 50% more, and judging by the bubbles in this bottle that could mean a problem. Let’s open those near the sink, eh?