Mar 202221Mon

Dry Hopped Opshaug Pale II

29.2℃ hops

My 3 day hop additions went in today since the fermentation curve has now flattened out. I used the usual method of gradually de-pressurising the FV, almost-closing the butterfly valve, and then chucking the pellets in via the hole in the top. Before refitting the lid I attached the sanitised floating dip tube.

Although the top of the brew was clear at the start of this procedure, by the time the FV was open there was a good amount of foam on top, maybe half an inch, which I’m putting down to carbonation releasing on depressurisation. It also had an unusual aroma, but that’s likely down to the 30℃ fermentation temperature. New territory here. Anyway, pressure started building up again as soon as the lid was back on, though it seems to be stopping at 5 PSI. That’s cutting it pretty fine for cold-crashing so I’ll add some gas from my bottle later today if it doesn’t increase on its own.