Jun 202108Tue

Dry-hopped Bure Gold

SG 1.024 23.6℃ hops

The Kveik has been doing a great job here and fermentation appears to have slowed up over the last 36 hours, so I’m going to dry-hop now (day three) rather than on day four as directed. There’s still a layer of Krausen on top the pellets easily go through, all looks good. I hope I’m not too early, but wanted to do this while there’s still some fermentation going on in order to protect against oxidation while leaving it late enough to not loose too much of the hop oils along with CO2 being produced. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to strike this balance, especially as I’m doing something different each time. Gravity weighs in at 1.024 today.

Bure Gold with Opshaug Kveik – Day 4 of Primary