May 202116Sun

Dry-hopped Bure Gold


Added the included 10g of Amarillo and 10g of Cascade by opening the brew bucket lid and pouring them on top. Krausen had been and gone but there were a couple of large bubbles still hanging about on the surface, with some occasional small bubbles rising to the top from somewhere beneath. Nice light colour, no iffy smells.

I do wonder if the instructions call for dry-hopping on day four so as to play it safe in terms of oxidisation, relying on the tail-end of fermentation to produce enough CO2 to combat any oxygen that’s introduced by simply pouring in hop pellets, and if a more considered application at a later date would yield better flavour and aroma. Then again it may just be the way that this beer has always been brewed, so I don’t want to tinker too much, but couldn’t resist going one day later with the finishing hops.