Nov 202005Thu

Comin’ soon: Welsh Red!

SG 1.048 instructions started

Kicked off my first Tiny Rebel brew, a tasty Welsh red called Cwtch. OG = 1.048 @ 20.0 ℃, room temperature 23.1 ℃. Decided to go for this one (and leave Wherry and the Honey Stout for later) since Cwtch likes to ferment at the same temperature range as Razorback and Evil Dog. According to the included instructions the OG should have been 1.045, but oh well. The first bubbles started appearing in the airlock around 19:00. Initial ingredients:

  • 3 kg medium hopped malt extract
  • 30 g Columbus hop pellets
  • 30 g Citra hop pellets
  • 12 g American ale yeast
  • Water (to 20 litre mark)