Jan 202124Sun

Checking in on Woodforde’s Nog

SG 1.016 19.6℃

There’s still some minimal airlock activity but it’s been tailing off rapidly these past few days, and as we’re now at the 10 day point it’s time to check in with a gravity reading.

There was a bit of fizz in the trial which made readings tricky, but it looks like we’ve got between 1.015 and 1.016. Let’s go with the latter to be on the safe side, and that translates to 4.20% ABV against a target of 4.50%. Close, but no cigar.

Brew smells lovely and looks healthy too, some bubbles on the surface and dried remnants of Krausen on the inside of the FV. The sample tastes good with just a hint of sweetness that agrees with the reading in that she’s not quite ready yet. Let’s look in again 48 hours from now and see where she’s at.

Interesting to see that Wherry took 22 days to stabilise at 1.012 from 1.044, dropping just two points in the final 10 days. Nog is a touch darker and started at 1.048, so I’m expecting her to slow to a crawl around 1.014, which is the manufacturer’s recommended threshold for bottling – provided she’s stable at or below.