Jun 202101Tue

Checking in on Vienna

SG 1.021 24.1℃


The Fermzilla’s fermentation chart has been flatlining for a couple of days now with Tilt reading a steady 1.014 so I thought I’d grab a reading via the regular hydrometer before cold-crashing, and the news isn’t all that great: 1.020 @ 24.1℃ = 1.021. That should make for 4.9% ABV against a predicted 5.9% (and it tastes just fine) but I’m going to leave it just a little longer to see if we can drop a few more points towards the predicted 1.011. Might as well, bottling date isn’t for another 3 days according to Brewfather’s recipe.

Good Night Vienna, 7 days into Primary

SS Mini Bucket

Airlock activity has tailed off gradually since I racked 5 litres to my SS Brewtech Mini Bucket but there’s still some bubbles every few minutes, so I’m not going to worry about taking a gravity reading just yet. Besides, my expectation is that fermentation will be going on more slowly in the bucket, which isn’t under pressure and has been sitting around 4℃ cooler than the Fermzilla.