Mar 202130Tue

Checking in on Foxdale

SG 1.014 19.1℃

I’m itching to get this one dry hopped and to start cold-crashing but there are still sporadic signs of fermentation, even if it’s just the airlock popping once every couple of minutes. Gravity checks in at 1.014 and the sample drawn from the Mini Bucket’s ball valve reads 19.1 ℃ with the adjacent ambient temperature at 18.9 ℃ so very minimal increase through activity.

The sample in the trial jar is extremely hazy and shows slight signs of carbonation, taste is a little yeasty but with a clean finish despite the filmy residue on the glass. Plugging the values into Brewfather (I need more Tilts!!) shows I’m 90% done at 3.5% ABV, so I need to let this ride for a few more days before I dry-hop some flavour into her.