Mar 202105Fri

Checked in on Second Blonde

SG 1.017 17.6℃

Airlock activity has slowed during the past 24 hours so I thought I’d check in and see how this one’s getting along.

In order to prevent oxygen exposure I had a trial run with a little gadget I made today; a length of 3/8 gas line glued to a food saver bag and filled with CO2. Seemed to work really well, as did drawing a sample from the stainless brew bucket’s spigot.

I’ve been tracking this batch using Brewfather and when I plugged the values in I was pleasantly surprised to see we’re already 81% done (compared to expected FG of 1.011) and currently at 3.4% ABV.

Flavour is not too bad considering there are no finishing hops, and there’s a whiff of alcohol too. The brew is still very cloudy and leaves behind a thin layer of filmy slime when sloshed in the glass, which is probably traces of yeast still active in suspension. So far, so good.