Jan 202130Sat

Checked in on Blondes, added Hops

SG 1.016 19.1℃ hops

It’s only been three days since we started primary, but the rate of fermentation has been dropping rapidly since it peaked 2 days ago, so I added the remaining 30g of Cascade to the vessel labelled ‘DH?’ – the Hoppy one. At first thought 30g seemed a little high and I was going to go with 20g, but there seemed little point in heat-sealing 10g away in the fridge, so I dumped it. Didn’t the Cellar Dweller recently review a beer with 50g of hops per litre? (can’t find it right now, but it’s somewhere on his channel) Anyway, 30g should be fine.

Gravity checked in at 1.016 (3.68% ABV) so it’s a little way off the 1.011 / 4.37% that the recipe predicted, but I figured that if we can drop 28 points in 3 days then our yeast should be able to manage the remaining 5 points in another 3 days. And if not then at least I won’t have bottle bombs to worry about when I put these two away.

The taste from the trial jar was pleasant if a little low on flavour. It’s easy to see why extract brewers often steep some speciality grains when using a light base malt, but given the strongly flavoured brews already on my shelves I don’t mind entertaining an easy-drinking session beer, especially if the finishing hops have their desired effect.