Apr 202104Sun

Dry-hopped Foxdale Gold

SG 1.015 22.3℃ hops

Been 5 days since the last look at this, has it stopped fermenting? Possibly. Gravity is unchanged if anything, having gained a point to 1.015. There’s practically no airlock activity now, just the odd bubble here and there, and while I’m tempted to give it another couple of days I don’t think it’s going to change. We’re 4 points off Brewfather’s predicted FG of 1.011 and will have to settle for 3.4% ABV instead of 3.9%.

Let’s think about finishing hops. The last extract of this size got 25g Citra, this time I’m going to add 15g of Falconer’s Flight and 20g Citra, for no reason other than balancing my inventory.