May 202109Sun

Bottled Wherry

SG 1.015 19.5℃ bottling

An easy couple of hours in the brewery tonight; sanitised 40 bottles and put Wherry away using standard racking cane, 4-5 ml dextrose, gold crown caps. I also filled one 500 ml PET plastic bottle in order to keep tabs on fermentation – a trick I picked up online and loosely based on the fact that you can squeeze a plastic bottle in order to feel how much pressure is in there.

FG looks like 1.015 at best, which is higher than the claimed 1.014, but nothing’s been happening for a couple of days here so I’m confident in calling it a day.

Wherry 12 days into Primary

40 brown 500 ml bottles with gold crown caps are staying in the server room for about a week, then it’s out into the cold for conditioning.