Nov 202115Mon

Bottled the Blush

SG 1.000 1.0℃ bottling

Nine days of cold-crashing at 1.0 ℃ ought to just about do it, time to get her put away. I don’t own a cork press, and in any event 750 ml might be too much of this in one go, so I chose to fill some clear 330 ml crown-cap bottles instead.

Final gravity comes in at 1.000 exactly (1.002 @ 7.7℃) which makes for a final ABV of 8.7% – not bad at all. Colour is a lovely pink and there’s some excellent clarity, with quite a bit of gunk having dropped out during cold-crashing. The only thing that worries me is the decrease in 2 gravity points during crashing hints at some fermentation still in progress, and I didn’t leave a lot of headspace in the bottles. Maybe I should have added another Campden tablet before bottling? I’ll keep an eye on them as we progress. At least I had the presence of mind to also fill a single plastic screw-top which can serve as a pressure gauge.

Finally, some weird red crystals had formed on the insides of the Brewtools bucket and on the dip tube. These were quite hard and regularly spaced – wonder what’s up with that?