Jan 202108Fri

Bottled Summer Turbo

SG 0.996 20.2℃ bottling

I’m running short of purchased bottles so in the spirit of this brew I went all-out ghetto and re-used a bunch of assorted 500 ml cider and beer bottles, including a 660 ml magnum. Each received 2 Easybrew carbonation drops except the 660 – that got three. Red crown caps all round to match the contents.

The sample from the trial jar was OK. Not as good as Farting Thrush but I daresay with enough ice it’ll be just the ticket on a hot summer’s day. Gravity was difficult to measure due to foam, but I think we’re at 0.996 which makes for 6.2% ABV – not too shabby.

I’m going to do the same as with Farting Thrush and store these in the server room (currently at 20.2 ℃) for 4 days and then it’s off to the garage for 10 days before we take the plunge and crack one open.

Couldn’t even be bothered to peel the old labels off… Pure Ghetto.