Jan 202107Thu

Bottled Dry Hopped Cider

SG 1.004 20.5℃ bottling

It’s now two days since finishing hops were added so I decided enough was enough. As I’m running a little low on bottles I had to use a mixture today, totalling 37 x various 500 ml plus 3 recycled Fischer flip-tops which were probably closer to 600ml. Pretty good yield! The FG of 1.004 against OG 1.048 promises 6.25% ABV, which is also nice. Each bottle was treated with 2 x Easybrew carbonation drops (target = 500 ml) except the Fischers which received 2 x Coopers carbonation drops, target = 750 ml. There was a slight configuration error with the labelling machine which resulted in the numbering sequence being truncated to one digit, so we have bottles 0 through to 9 four times over.

Finally, the sample from the trial jar tasted amazing – why have I never thought to add hops to cider before? I’m now glad that I’ve misplaced the bag of hops that came with the Pink Grapefruit IPA because there’s going to be 50 grams of Citra left over from the replacement bag when it arrives from Amazon. Think I might have to throw that in Type 22a on secondary, maybe with a little blueberry juice.