Nov 202029Sun

Almost Ready?

SG 1.019

The Honey Porter was supposed to be bottled yesterday (according to the instructions) but there’s still some fermentation in evidence today, so I just took a gravity reading and will see where we are in two days from now.

Colour is lovely and dark, definitely smells of Porter too. Some signs of carbonation making SG reading tricky, had to give the hydrometer a couple of spins to make sure it wasn’t the small bubbles messing up the reading – never seen such high numbers this close to bottling. SG came in at 1.019 giving approximately 3.41% against a claimed 4.5% and since we’re looking for 1.014 or below I don’t think it’s quite ready yet.

At least it tastes lovely, plenty of honey notes and only slightly raw – a pint of this wouldn’t be too bad at all right now! This will be lovely when it’s done.