Jan 202105Tue

Added 50g Citra Hops

SG 1.003 22.1℃ hops

Checked in on this one and noted that like the Blueberry Cider just now it’s well and truly ready for bottling, let alone hopping. Gravity comes in at an amazing 1.003 (likely 5.91% ABV) which is way below the 1.015 threshold I needed – let’s just hope that my slackness in getting this bottled doesn’t cause too many hints of dead yeast.

Anyway, I tipped in the 50g pouch of Citra hops and then realised I should have added the also included apple essence first, since you’re not supposed to stir the hops once added. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll dissipate on their own accord over the next 24 hours, so I’ll give it a gentle stir then before leaving another 24 hours for the yeast to re-settle.